# Search by text

# Overview

Text search is a feature required for all commerce websites. Depending on your platform this feature can sometimes incur considerable costs and require resources to maintain it. By using advanced AI text search algorithms trained on the data already available in your dataset we can provide improved results without any additional work for you.

The feature is using the string metadata fields included in your dataset. For that reason, adding fields like description, keywords, tags will improve the results. Currently there are no limits in terms of the size of those fields, but that may change in the future.

Getting recommendations for a text criteria is as simple as doing a Explore request by including the text query in the filter section. This also allows the user to start an exploration journey from something specific by filtering results that match certain keywords.


This feature is not enabled by default and metadata fields are required for your dataset. Please contact the Visii Team to enable it.

# Input


GET /orgs/:organisation/datasets/:dataset/explore

Field Type Required Value Description
organisation String yes The organisation name
dataset String yes The dataset name
q String yes The filter criteria based on the associated metadata attribute. See Querying for more details.
The text query needs to be encoded (e.g. using encodeURIComponent(value)) before added to the q parameter.
text is a reserved keyword and not an actual metadata field.
E.g. q=text:red%20dress.
limit Number no The number of items to return. Suggestion of at least 5, the minimum limit is 2, the maximum limit is 50, the default limit is 10.
If you wish to check the existence of content or get metadata, use Content Details
fields String no A comma separated list of associated item metadata fields to be added to the response (i.e fields=category,colour).
Request all metadata using fields=*. Additional fields generated when processed by Visii include image_width, image_height and image_url.
v String The vars querystring containing key-value pairs (key:value comma separated) of action information, support both specific and custom parameters.
Details of Vars Querystring.
E.g.: v=a:exit,id:abc-123,user_id:abc

# Request


my-dataset-api-token is a dataset token, not an organisation token.

curl -X GET \
     -H "Authorization: token my-dataset-api-token" \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.visii.v2+json" \

# Response

Field Type Value Description
status String The status of the response
results Object The list of results to be shown for this step of the journey
results.$.id String The id of the item
results.$.explore_url String The URL to obtain the next set of results if this item is selected
results.$.metadata Object A selection of metadata fields for the item
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "results": [
      "id": "123",
      "explore_url": "https://api.visii.com/orgs/my-org/datasets/my-dataset/explore?id=123&fields=category,price&limit=2&j=sid1",
      "metadata": {
        "category": "dresses",
        "price": 99.99
      "id": "456",
      "explore_url": "https://api.visii.com/orgs/my-org/datasets/my-dataset/explore?id=456&fields=category,price&limit=2&j=sid1",
      "metadata": {
        "category": "dresses",
        "price": 10.49
  "status": "ok"
Last Updated: 6/30/2022, 12:24:16 PM