# Match style of grouped content

Enhances your curated groups of products by extending them with automatically generated suggestions that match their style.

Results can be filtered using the metadata supplied when the content was created. Filtering syntax is described in the querying section.

# Input


GET /orgs/:organisation/datasets/:dataset/collection

Field Type Required Value Description
organisation String yes The organisation name
dataset String yes The dataset name
ids String yes The comma separated list of item ids
limit Number no The number of items to return. Suggestion of at least 5, the minimum limit is 2, the maximum limit is 50, the default limit is 10.
If you wish to check the existence of content or get metadata, use Content Details
q String no The filter criteria based on the associated metadata attribute. See Querying for more details.
fields String no A comma separated list of associated item metadata fields to be added to the response (i.e fields=category,colour).
Request all metadata using fields=*. Additional fields generated when processed by Visii include image_width, image_height and image_url.
v String The vars querystring containing key-value pairs (key:value comma separated) of action information, support both specific (such as page_view_id and other custom parameters.
Details of Vars Querystring.
E.g.: v=a:exit,id:abc-123,user_id:abc,page_view_id:12345

# Request


my-dataset-api-token is a dataset token, not an organisation token.

curl -X GET \
     -H "Authorization: token <my-dataset-token>" \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.visii.v2+json" \

# Response

Field Type Value Description
status String The status of the response
results Object The list of results to be shown for this step of the journey
results.$.id String The id of the item
results.$.explore_url String The URL to obtain the next set of results if this item is selected
results.$.metadata Object A selection of metadata fields for the item
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "results": [
      "id": "333",
      "explore_url": "https://api.visii.com/orgs/my-org/datasets/my-dataset/explore?id=333&fields=category,price&j=sid1"
      "metadata": {
        "category": "boots",
        "price": 99.99
      "id": "444",
      "explore_url": "https://api.visii.com/orgs/my-org/datasets/my-dataset/explore?id=444&fields=category,price&j=sid1"
      "metadata": {
        "category": "heels",
        "price": 10.49
  "status": "ok"
Last Updated: 6/5/2023, 9:16:10 PM