# Privacy

Visii's API uses meaningful events collected about your customers to provide tailored product recommendations. As our algorithm learns from these interactions, whilst using our widgets and across other important pages of your site, we are able to derive insights that improve results and provide client dashboards generated from this data.

# How you send us data

Depending on the integration of Visii technology, whether a widget provided by us or direct via the Vision API, the data requirements are the same. Each request can contain additional information to link your user sessions across multiple visits to your site, to eventual purchase along with other meaningful events outside the pages containing Visii's recommendations.

You will have to use our Analytics API or add the Analytics client side library to your site for our algorithm to work.

# What data we require

We require that you have and abide by an appropriate Privacy Policy and comply with all applicable laws, policies, and regulations relating to the collection of information from users.

  • You may not pass, directly or via a third party, information to us that we could use or recognise as personally identifiable information.
    • This includes any personal data, like email addresses or full IP addresses to our servers unless you have received our approval. Any such data, if identified, will be immediately and irrevocably deleted.
  • To adhere to data privacy regulations, we require you to confirm and have at all times available, proofs that your customers approved their data being used by us. Please indicate if a customer has not given consent using the below cookie policy and processing agreement by adding consent:0 to all requests that include an identifier.
  • You may pass customer event data (details in Analytics API) that indicate interest, purchase events and other meaningful actions. This event data is used to improve product recommendations your customer(s) is / are shown.
    • We need an anonymous identifier for non-authenticated users.
    • Once authenticated, their user id must be appended to the list of identifiers.
    • IP addresses should be only provided truncated - with the last octet removed - to avoid becoming personally identifiable.

# How to communicate with your customers

We are a UK company that complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). We require that you have a Privacy Policy easily accessible on your website and / or app, which must contain:

We require you provide a clear and simple method of consent to the storing and accessing of cookies (and other storage methods) along with description of their usage wherever Visii is deployed. Visii's can be found here (opens new window). You should adhere to the strictest privacy regulation between where your business is located, the EU (where Visii is regulated) and your customers.

# Example


We partner with Visii in order to help our customers find their perfect product more easily and rapidly. Visii uses cookies and other technologies to analyse data and provide personalized visual recommendations. For further details about how Visii processes any data it receives or holds and what Visii does to be GDPR compliant, please see Visii's privacy policy at: https://www.visii.com/privacy#partners (opens new window).

Last Updated: 2/28/2020, 9:28:57 AM