# Overview

The Visii platform provides services which support visual exploration and related item features for any collection of visual content.

Currently the platform consists of three APIs: the Admin, Vision and Analytics APIs. The Admin API allows for the addition and management of content on the platform. The Vision API then allows this content to be consumed. The Analytics API helps monitor the user interaction with the content to understand behavior in real time.

While the APIs have different purposes, they share the same core concepts, operate with the same schema and follow the same design principles.

Before you begin using either API, it is a good idea to review the core concepts and workflow of the Visii platform. This will help familiarize you with the common steps taken to work with the platform.

The common properties of the three APIs, such as authentication, the schema and responses are then described in the relevant sections. These will help you understand the design principles for the APIs.

The resources and operations for each API are then described individually. Here you can find the specifics of required parameters, expected responses and behavior etc.

Last Updated: 2/10/2020, 11:10:02 AM